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The AMPERE Newsletter appears quarterly and covers short topical articles written by experts in the field. Typically it also includes a profile, conference reports, advertisements, a calendar of events and news items on various aspects of radio frequency and microwave energy usage in the ISM frequency band, covering topics broadly from 1 MHz to 30 GHz, although higher frequencies have also been covered. It also highlights on promising new research developments to emanate from academe and industry.

Issue 81.


I am pleased to present in this issue a contribution from Prof. Georgios Stefanidis and Dr. Guido Sturm from Process and Energy Department at Delft University of Technology, about a microwave plasma system to extract energy from human wastes.
The described system is capable of generating more energy than the one employed at the microwave system and therefore is a self‐sustained process.
Mr. Fernando Meggiolaro responsible of Stalam’s sales area describes a study where it is proven that RF systems are a real alternative to the conventional pasteurisation and sterilization processes for fruit preparations and other intermediate and finished food products.
The Afterthought piece in this issue, written as usual by Prof. A. C. Metaxas, shows how the Raspberry Pi, a very low‐cost computer board, has been used to completely change the user experience with the microwave oven providing connection to the Internet and advanced features.
I take this opportunity to wish you all the best during the next summer months and to invite you to 15th AMPERE conference to be held in Krakow University of Technology (Poland) during 14th‐17th September, 2015.

Prof. Juan Monzó‐Cabrera
ETSI Telecomunicación
Universidad Politécnica de Cartagena (Spain)