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The AMPERE Newsletter appears quarterly and covers short topical articles written by experts in the field. Typically it also includes a profile, conference reports, advertisements, a calendar of events and news items on various aspects of radio frequency and microwave energy usage in the ISM frequency band, covering topics broadly from 1 MHz to 30 GHz, although higher frequencies have also been covered. It also highlights on promising new research developments to emanate from academe and industry.

Issue 85.


I am pleased to present in this issue a contribution from Prof. Vadim Yakovlev, from the Worcester Politechnic Institute, summarizing the activities of the 17th Seminar “Computer Modeling in Microwave Power Engineering” that was held in Bled, Slovenia, 11-12 March, 2015.
I also welcome Dr. Nguyen Tran, research director of Microwave Power Components, who presents a brief outline of the research activities on microwave heating in Australia.
Dr. A.C. Metaxas describes in the afterthought piece what happens when someone mixes graphene with a metamaterial such as metal SiO2.
I take this opportunity to wish you a good trip to Cracow and a pleasant stay in that beautiful city. See you all in Cracow!!!
Prof. Juan Monzó‐Cabrera
ETSI Telecomunicación
Universidad Politécnica de Cartagena (Spain)