University of Technology, Delft, The Netherlands, 18-21 September 2017


AMPERE 2017 Conference


Past Conferences

The main conference organised on behalf of AMPERE is known as the “International Conference on Microwave and High Frequency Heating” and is held biennially. There have been 15 such conferences in Europe: Cambridge-UK (1986); Arnhem-NL (1989); Nice-F (1991); Gothenburg-S (1993); Cambridge-UK (1995), Fermo-I (1997), Valencia-E (1999), Bayreuth-D (2001), Loughborough-UK (2003), Modena-I (2005), Oradea-ROM (2007), Karlsruhe-D (2009), Toulouse-F (2011), and Nottingham-UK (2013), Cracow-PL (2015).

Additionally, three Microwaves in Chemistry meetings have been sponsored by AMPERE. The first was held in Prague-CZ (1998), then it followed Antibes-F (2000), and Brno-CZ (2006).

AMPERE has also endorsed the World Congresses held in Florida-USA (1997) and (2000), Sydney-AUS (2002), Austin-USA (2004), Otsu-Japan (2008), Long Beach, Ca-USA (2012), and Cartagena-E (2016).

The 16th International Conference on Microwave and High Frequency Heating: AMPERE 2017 is the largest European microwave and radio frequency conference attracting a global audience and will be hosted from 18-21 of September 2017 at Delft University of Technology.


Conference aims and themes

The conference is an occasion for researchers and engineers from academia and industry to exchange innovative research ideas and to promote the most recent advances in the applications of microwave and high frequency technologies at both laboratory and industrial scales.

The technical programme evolves around microwave and high frequency development and applications:

  • Dielectric properties measurement
  • Microwave and high frequency material interaction
  • Industrial applications and scale-up
  • Microwave and high frequency supply design
  • Modeling of microwave and RF power applications
  • Microwave and RF plasma applications

In addition, a special interest theme of the conference is chemicals and materials process engineering, these topics comprise of:

  • Microwave assisted chemistry and processing
  • Process intensification with electromagnetic energy
  • Sustainable Chemistry & Biochemistry
  • Biomass and waste processing
  • Materials processing
  • Medical and biological applications