Bringing together experts and enthusiasts in the field, the AMPERE 2025 INDUSTRY DAY stands as a pivotal event dedicated to microwave and radiofrequency industrial applications. Designed to foster dialogue and innovation, this one-day gathering offers a platform for end-users and industry leaders to exchange ideas and solutions on scaled-up applications.

Industrial participants have the option for a one-day registration, allowing access to a range of activities focused on topics such as Industrial Microwave Heating and Industrial Microwave Plasma. Featuring distinguished speakers and interactive sessions, the event delves into the transformative potential of microwaves and radiofrequency in modern industrial processes. Attendees can also expect presentations from sponsors and exhibitors, along with networking opportunities.

The highlight of the day is the presentation of the prestigious ‘AMPERE SCALE-UP’ prize, recognizing excellence in industrial microwave applications.

Open to both academic and industrial participants, the event serves as a hub for exploring global best practices in bridging research and development with real-world industrial applications.

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