MCAT – Group of Microwaves and Carbons Applied to Technology, Oviedo, Spain

Activity fields:

The group of Microwaves and Carbons Applied to technology (MCAT) belongs to the Department of Chemical Process for Energy and the Environment of the Instituto Nacional del Carbón (INCAR) from the Spanish Scientific Council (CSIC).

The research activity of the group focuses on the use of microwave heating and carbon materials for environmental and energy applications.

Examples are:

  • microwave-induced pyrolysis and gasification of organic wastes and biomass;
  • microwave-assisted dry-reforming of CH4, biogas and natural gas;
  • microwave-assisted grinding of coals and minerals;
  • synthesis of carbon materials (carbon gels)

Contact person

J. Ángel Menéndez
C/ Francisco Pintado Fe, 26
33011 Oviedo, Spain
Tel: +34-985118972
Email: [email protected]