Microwave Technologies Consulting (MTC)

Microwave Technologies Consulting (MTC) was founded in January 2018 by Dr Marilena Radoiu.

When it comes to microwave and radio-frequency ISM applications, the main objective of MTC is to bridge the gap between commercial & academic background researchers, equipment manufacturers, and end-users by providing expert services related to:


  • Laboratory & industrial equipment and process design including feasibility assessment, economics, health & safety;
  • Scaling-up and innovative custom solutions to a diverse customer base from industries and markets as: food, pharmaceuticals, ceramics, nanomaterials, synthetic diamond, cosmetics;
  • Training, teaching and on-site coaching microwave basics, equipment, health & safety;
  • On-site assistance and supervision of the MW & RF equipment integration as a standalone or in connection with upstream and downstream processes including installation, characterization, turn up, maintenance;
  • In the case of existing installations mired in technical or operations issues, assistance in determining the technical problems related to the unreliable or unsuccessful operation.


Contact Person

Dr Marilena Radoiu
[email protected]