Microwave wood processing at the University of Melbourne, Australia

Activity fields:

  • Dielectric properties of the material.
  • Microwave processing of the material.
  • Microwave technology of woods modification and its commercial application for the treatment of refractory species with preservatives, rapid drying of hardwoods, relief of stresses in timber, the manufacture of the new wooden materialsmodification of logs, sawn timber and woodchips for pulping.
  • Design of microwave equipment for the abovementioned material processing and drying.

Contact person

Professor Grigory Torgovnikov
The University of Melbourne 1 Water St ., Creswick , Victoria 3363, Australia
Tel: +61 (3) 53 214 119
Mob: 04 189 184 50
E-mail: grigori@unimelb.edu.au