Issue 113 7

Book Review (Advances in Microwave Processing for Engineering Materials) Author: A.C. (Ricky) Metaxas

Issue 113 5-7

Ricky’s Afterthought: Processing of plastic waste revisited Author: A.C. (Ricky) Metaxas

Issue 112 5-6

Ricky’s Afterthought: UK based researchers out of EU’s Horizon Programme Author: A.C. (Ricky) Metaxas

Issue 112 3-4

CHENGDU stages 4GCMEA amidst worldwide audience Authors: A.C. Metaxas, Cristina Leonelli

Issue 111 10-13

Ricky’s Afterthought: Nuclear Fusion: the Holy Grail of the Energy Crisis! Author: A.C. (Ricky) Metaxas