Issue 109 1-2

The Microwave Technologies Association: A Brief Synopsis   Authors: Jennipher Marshall-Jenkinson  

Issue 108 13-16

Report on the XIX International UIE Congress on evolution and new trends in electrothermal processes   Authors: Koen Van Reusel, Vadim V. Yakovlev   [embeddoc url=""...

Issue 108 9-11

Report on AMPERE 2021: A virtual conference inspired by Gothenburg   Authors: Birgitta Raaholt, Per Olof Hedekvist    [embeddoc url="" download="all"...

Issue 107 6-11

Microwave Assisted Bulk Production of High-quality Reduced Graphene Oxide for Battery Applications  

Issue 107 1-6

Sustainable Energy Applications Performed by the Duo-Plasmaline Microwave Plasma Source and the Plasma Array   Authors: Robert Müller, Markus Dingeldein, Moritz Gorath, Jens Hofmann, Joachim Schneider   [embeddoc...