AMPERE subscription information: procedure and benefits

During last Ordinary General Assembly (OGA) held in Krakow, Poland, on 14-17th of September of 2015 it was confirmed that AMPERE subscription fees will follow the already approved guidelines:

  • INDIVIDUAL MEMBERSHIP for 1 year: 60 euro (from 1st of September2016, until 31st of August 2017)
  • INDIVIDUAL MEMBERSHIP for 2 years: 100 euro (from 1st of September 2016, until 31st of August 2018)
  • CORPORATE FEE for 1 year: 200 euro (from 1st of September 2016, until 31st of August 2017)

The 2-years membership fee has already been offered jointly to full registration fee payment to all the participants at the Krakow AMPERE Meeting. In the next AMPERE Meeting, planned in Delft for 2017, a 2-year subscription fee will be again been offered to all participants.

Just to make an example on 1st September 2015, the members had to choose:

  • To pay 2-year subscription fee, because they are not able to participate to the Meeting.
  • To pay the AMPERE Conference registration fee at reduced rate (already including 2-year membership).

Therefore, if an AMPERE members participates in each biennual meeting there is no need to pay the membership separately. This strategy has been chosen to reduce the work and the costs of the Secretariat.


Benefits for AMPERE members

Individual members will obtain the following benefits:

  • discount on next AMPERE meeting registration;
  • participation in monographs, books, newsletters… promoted by Ampere;
  • access to database of addresses and relevant publications of AMPERE members;
  • network with other members, i.e. contact details of each member;
  • join specialist groups: (i.e. chemistry, physics, mechanical engineering, design etc);
  • share information, questions, answers etc.;
  • receive information/post about career opportunities, PhD, postdocs etc.;
  • help with publishing manuscripts (e.g. preliminary review on English, content, results …) a list of Journals that are relevant to each specialist group.

Corporate members will obtain the following benefits in addition:

  • link on the website;
  • discount on the exhibition fee for next AMPERE Meeting.


Paying procedure

Payments will only be accepted by bank transfer. Please refer to the following Ampere subscription form in order to obtain more details about paying procedures.

For more information please contact:

Dr. Juan Monzò -Cabrera
Departamento Tecnol. de la informaciòn y las Comunicaciones
Plaza del Hospital n. 1
Universidad Politècnica de Cartagena
E-30202 Cartagena (Spain)
Phone: +34 968 32 65 10
Fax: +34 968 32 59 73


Subscription Form