Issue 117 9-10

Ricky’s Afterthought: Is Turquoise Hydrogen a “Game Changer” in the Net Zero Quest? Author: A.C. (Ricky) Metaxas

Issue 117 6-7

Development of Microwave Applications in Biomass Conversion – from Lab to Pilot Scale Author: Mariana Patrascu

Issue 117 5

EU Project TITAN – 915 MHz Microwave-Assisted Catalytic Production of Green Hydrogen Marilena Radoiu

Issue 117 3-4

Why Turquoise Hydrogen is a Key Element for the Energy Transition Authors: Alvaro Martin Ortega, Marilena Radoiu

Issue 117 1-2

The European Journal of Microwave Energy is Born Authors: Daniel Slocombe, Adrian Porch, Georgios Dimitrakis